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Livewire isn’t just about rocking out to your favourite tunes live…it’s also a proper music lesson. We teach the rudiments of music theory in all our instruments. A foundation in music theory will change the way you process and perceive music that you hear. Developing your ear will improve your playing. Just like a great writer can get better by reading the classics, a musician can improve by listening to music and concentrating on the individual instruments are doing in a song.


Our drum course starts with an easy-to-follow method of reading drum music. Drum notation is very visual and easily relatable to the instrument. Our course includes lessons on note lengths, time signatures and other essential theory elements crucial to becoming a well-rounded drummer.


The practical skills of playing the guitar are very critical. You have to know how to move your fingers along the strings if you want to nail your next solo. But there’s more to playing the guitar than building up your muscle memory. An understanding of chord construction, harmony, and keys can help you get into the songs that you are practising so that you can be a better musician.


An essential part of the rhythm section in a band, the bass guitar is fun to learn and immensely satisfying to play. We teach our students how to read bass music and great techniques of how to be “in the pocket” with a drummer, along with essential fingering and plucking styles.

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