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Always wanted to play rock guitar? You have come to the right place! Livewire Rock Academy is a Music school in Saffron Walden for children & adults, nowhere guarantees a better musical experience. Our bespoke modular teaching system will progress you onto scales, transposition, blues and rock licks and many other styles and popular techniques to give an all-encompassing experience as a guitarist. By the end of the course you should be a consummate guitar player with a multitude of skills and styles that can be used in a practical setting and will be invaluable for playing solo and in a band.

Live Jam Sessions & Professional Tuition In Saffron Walden

For those about to rock, Livewire Rock Academy is the place to start! Once you have the basics down, a great way to improve your playing and impress your friends is to learn how to play with a band. At Livewire Academy every lessons ends with a Jam session. Over the years we have chosen an array of our favorite guitar riffs, and we are adding to the list all the time with our students favorite songs.

Deepen your Appreciation of Music

A foundation in music theory will change the way you process and perceive music that you hear. Developing your ear will improve your playing. Just like a great writer can get better by reading the classics, a musician can improve by listening to excellent music. To further your understanding, consider setting up a home studio and recording your own music before playing it back. As you train your ear to listen for details in the music, like what key it is in, or why a particular succession of notes sounds good, you will be training yourself to be a stronger guitar player.

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