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The bass is an integral component of any band and is often overlooked when deciding to learn an instrument, but as a key part of the rhythm section, the bass guitar is an excellent instrument to study. As it’s so versatile, it can be one of the easiest, or most challenging instruments to learn, depending on the aims of the student. Our bespoke bass course has been expertly written and covers many bass guitar techniques such as picking, slap and funk styles as well as more conventional rock and blues styles

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For those about to rock out on the Bass Guitar, Livewire Rock Academy is the place to start! Once you have the basics down, a great way to improve your playing and impress your friends is to learn how to play your Bass with a band. At Livewire Academy every lessons ends with a Jam session. Over the years we have chosen an array of our favorite bass licks, and we are adding to the list all the time.

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A foundation in music theory will change the way you process and perceive music that you hear. Developing your ear will improve your bass playing. Just like a great writer can get better by reading the classics, a musician can improve by listening to excellent music. To further your understanding, consider setting up a home studio and recording your own music before playing it back. As you train your ear to listen for details in the music, like what key it is in, or why a particular succession of notes sounds good, you will be training yourself to be a stronger bass player

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